Coronavirus Regulations

General rules

There will be a couple restrictions. Read through them carefully. We first state the general rule and then explain it in more detail as there are sometimes exceptions in special cases.

  • We are only allowed to play singles; Doubles are not allowed, as we can not adhere to the 1.5 metres distance rule. There are no exceptions. Same households are not allowed to play doubles or mix together.
  • When playing, you are only allowed to rotate opponents as a group of 4. To be more precise about this rule, you are allowed to play up to 3 opponents. Your opponents are only allowed to play each other.


We decided to change the training schedules. There will be 4 training sessions each Wednesday, each training lasting 40 minutes and with a maximum of 12 people. The schedule will be as follows

20:10 – 20:50  :  Beginner training
20:55 – 21:45  :  Beginner training
21:50 – 22:30  :  Advanced training
22:35 – 23:15  :  Advanced training

During the 5 minutes in between training sessions, you have to leave the courts to make room for the new group. Make sure you keep 1.5 metres distance at all times!

Similar to before, we will send a sign-up sheet where you can indicate your preferred training and time-slot. You can also indicate your preferred training partner and we will try to let you play together. If you don’t specify a partner we will match you with someone. If the training is full and you are not selected, we will make sure you are selected for the training the following week.


For now, free-play is not allowed. We are discussing with the USC about continuing free-play the coming weeks. We will update you as soon as we have more information. Below you can find our plans for free-play if it will be allowed.

The new rules make free-play impossible on Wednesdays, so free-play is only possible on Friday and Sunday. However, Friday we only have hall A and one of the board members has to be present. Only two people can play so we decided to cancel Friday free-play. Therefore only Sunday there will be free-play! We will only allow members to play free-play on our arranged times. Non-members are not allowed to join and should reserve the hall themselves at different times.

Sunday: We will divide the two hours we have into two time slots

  • 13:30 – 14:25
  • 14:30 – 15:25

For each time slot, a maximum of 12 people is selected to come and play (with some exceptions to same household pairs). We will make sure the courts are ready so you can enjoy the full 55 minutes playing badminton.
There will again be a sign-up form in which you can state your preferred time slot and partners to play with (up to 4). The deadline for this form is on Thursday 20:00 if you want to play on Friday and Saturday 20:00 if you want to play on Sunday.
We will try to let everyone play at least once a week. If you are denied to train on Wednesday, we will probably let you play on Friday or Sunday.

In the USC

Per the new rules, you should wear a mouth mask in the USC when entering and leaving the building. When you are in the hall, you can remove it. 

The changing rooms are closed, so come prepared. You can not shower at the USC anymore.

The spectator stands are closed. We ask you to place your belongings against one of the walls of the sportshall. During training, when another group is playing, make sure you go to a side of the hall with no bags and prepare there until the training is finished. Make sure you don’t hinder the training by being too close to the blue court lines!

Points of attention

  • We will be very strict in adhering to the rules. If we see rules being broken we will give you a warning. If we see you break the rules again, we will ask you to leave and not let you play badminton for one month.
  • Make sure you fill in the sign-up sheets on time. We will make the schedules the day before the training / free-play in the evening. You can find the form on our website.
  • Always keep 1.5 metres distance towards each other
  • We are trying to obtain more time slots for us to play badminton, as other sports can not continue with the new rules. We will contact you as soon as we know more. 

You still need to sign-up for each training session or free-play!

Sign-up here!