Liudvikas Pikutis

Hey everyone! My name is Liudvikas or Ludo or Liu, I collect different nicknames… I’m the Social Media Manager of BSC since August 2022. I’m 22 years old, from Lithuania and I’m studying for my Master of Psychology here in Leiden. I love weird music, if you can show me the weirdest songs you know, I will be delighted to hear them. Polyrhythms and microtonality are the best! In my free time I like to play badminton, practice footwork, watch badminton competitions or think about badminton. Other than that I also like to play video games like Dead by Daylight. If you see me on court, don’t be shy to say hi or ask any questions. You can also find me at the M noodle bar from time to time. 🙂

Nina del Prado

Hi everyone, my name is Nina del Prado and I am the Treasurer of BSC Leiden. I am 22 years old and born and raised in Leiden, so you can not only ask me about badminton but also for good places to have a drink in Leiden. I study Accounting in Amsterdam and this is my last year of my bachelors degree. I’ve played badminton for a few years when I was younger and decided last year that I wanted to play again but this time here at BSC and I enjoy it a lot! I play badminton 2 or 3 times a week and I’m also part of a competition team. Besides badminton I like to swim, bake cakes and cookies, listen to all kinds of music, collect plants (even though I have no space left), play guitar and cuddle with my cat. Hopefully I’ll see you at the USC and don’t hesitate to ask me whatever you’d like to know!

Nils Peeters

Hello hello! I’m Nils, a 24 years old chemistry master student and night-bartender at local student association SSR. I’ve played badminton since I was a kid and have been at this club ever since 2017. I’m a lover of spicy food, good beers and jazz. Competition is in my blood: I’ve played badminton competition for 11 years and low level esports competition, specifically SSBU and Pokemon, for 4 years. For SSBU I’ve also been active as a tournament organizer and commentator for 2 years.

So I guess it’s no surprise that I’ll be your competition contact person for the year! Of course winning is important, but the most important goal I have here is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to compete.

Roxane Boyer

Hello badmintoners ! I am Roxane, a 29 years old French girl ( but everyone thinks I’m still 23 so I’m fine 😇👌🏻). I am working as a Bioinformatician at Amsterdam hospital and I became Secretaries of the BSC in August. I like to organize fun events and I’m good at making forms and keeping things tidy. I like sports, video games, a bit of painting, nature/animals and Asian food. On the court, I’m probably the one you always hear shouting or giggling really loud… My apologies for that, I’m just having fun and can’t help but to express it!

Erik Vroon

Hi everyone! I’m Erik and I maintain the IT stuff of BSC since November 2022. I’m 25 years old, born in the exotic city of Leiden and I’m actually already graduated. I studied Physics (Leiden) and Aerospace Engineering (Delft). I have been playing badminton at BSC since the spring of 2017. Apart from badminton, I like to play piano, go for a walk and sometimes play open-world video games. I’m also generally interested in everything related to aviation. Furthermore, I like programming and building web applications, which my current job is about and is useful for my role in the board as well. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have!