Club Contribution

Club membership

To become a member of our club you are required to pay a yearly contribution. The rate is 25€ for a year. Note that you can participate in 2 trial trainings before you are required to become a member, see Training.

USC membership

To access the USC (where we play) you are also required to have a USC membership. The rates can be found at the USC website.

Competition contribution 2022

Competition players will have to pay an additional fee. The rates for competition can be found in the following table.

Fixed PlayerSubstituteRecreative
Fall Competition (sep-feb)60€25€Free
Spring Competition (feb-june)15€15€Free

So if you want to play competition as a fixed player for a whole year, your total membership will come down to 60€ + 15€ + 25€ = 100€ per year.