• Name change + new logo

    Name change + new logo

    After voting for a new club name we have decided to rename our club to Badminton Student Club Leiden (BSC Leiden). To commemorate this change we have also designed a new logo!

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  • Coronavirus Regulations

    Coronavirus Regulations

    General rules There will be a couple restrictions. Read through them carefully. We first state the general rule and then explain it in more detail as there are sometimes exceptions in special cases. We are only allowed to play singles; Doubles are not allowed, as we can not adhere to the 1.5 metres distance rule. There […]

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  • Welcome to LUSV Badminton

    Welcome to LUSV Badminton

    Hi there! We are the student badminton club of Leiden University. With approximately 50 active members we are a cozy club. Even though we have 3 competitive teams, you can participate in our training and free-play sessions without playing competition. Whether you have never touched a racket before or have multiple years of experience, don’t […]

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  • New website LUSV Badminton

    Welcome to our new website! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or by contacting us.

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