LUSV Badminton is a club of the university and therefore uses the Universitair Sportcentrum (USC). Within the USC, the RIVM guidelines apply.

The following rules are enforced by the USC:

  • when entering the building, visitors need to disinfect their hands;
  • the changing rooms and lockers can be used, but it is discouraged;
  • the showers can be used, but it is discouraged;
  • supporters are allowed and need to sit on the spectator stand on the black crosses;
  • on court the 1.5m distance rule no longer applies, but has to be kept as much as possible towards opponents;
  • the canteen is open, but registration and a health check is mandatory and the 1.5m distance rule always applies;
  • players who are not on court can sit on benches near the courts or on the spectator stand.

All materials used (plastic shuttles, nets, poles) are disinfected after use.